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some mistakes were built to last

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Life at Hogwarts was never meant to be simple...

Have you ever wondered what the other students at Hogwarts are doing? While Harry Potter and his friends are the center of the action in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series, there are indeed other students at the school. These are the diaries of the students that do not fall in the spotlight, the students that have real problems, real feelings and real things to say about life at Hogwarts.
Lasting Mistake Cast

riley_rose: Evie Burk - Slytherin 7th
dreamer_nami: Anneli Laaksonen - Gryffindor 7th
winterbunnie: Brigid O'Malley - Ravenclaw 7th

Harry Potter and the characters, places and concepts presented in the books are copyright of JK Rowling. We are not making any money with this little project.

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