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Hell hath no fury... - some mistakes were built to last

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April 16th, 2004

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05:49 pm - Hell hath no fury...
Evie Burk - Slytherin 7th

Some people on this planet should be exterminated. Robert Blanch is one of those people so worthless, so tiresome that their very existence is an insult to the rest of us who behave with a modicum of restraint and respect. Fortunately, I have faith in those that are greater and more powerful than I, individuals who are willing to recognize the human blemishes on this Earth and annhilate them accordingly.

Before I arrived at Hogwarts, an older and wiser student told me to avoid dating someone at the school--it was never worth the suspicion or potential for humiliation. I wish very much that I had followed her advice, because now I suffer the very embarassment she warned me of. After our disasterous date, Robert Blanch seems to think that spreading rumours about his fictional sexual exploits with me is not only prudent, but believable. He is horribly, horribly mistaken. His mistake will be my revenge, and my revenge will be Draco's diversion. Let today be the day that Blanch realizes what insulting a Slytherin, especially one of my breeding, truly means. The Unforgiveable curses are certainly illegal and difficult to perform, but their lesser, simpler forms are not. And let me say, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a poor Gryffindor wretch writhing on the ground at your feet in agony.

I once thought myself a pacifist, but Robert Blanch has proven to me that I am capable of murder. I could have continued endlessly, until every cell in his body exploded with pain and fatigue, I could stand and watch as his life's breath slowly faded away to nothingness. Draco's punishment will be more severe but, I'm assured, just as satisfying. It's sad to think that by fabricating stories about he and I Blanch could either gain popularity or lessen mine... Because really, who at this school would believe for an instant that I would be caught dead in the arms of a Gryffindor?
Current Mood: enragedenraged

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